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NVU Website Software - Web Studio or Dreamweaver?

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NVU Website Software - Web Studio or Dreamweaver?

I am still new and stalling--I have been trying to find documentation to help with using NVU software for website development--and I did find some but along the way I came across WEB Studio--It's about half the price of Dreamweaver and I was wondering if any out there has any comments about it. I am on a serious learning curve here and hoping to find software that may be a bit more turn-key without spending the $300 for dreamweaver.

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I wouldn't call Dreamweaver "turn key". It's a WYSIWYG editor, but it doesn't build your site for you presto.

A lot of people like XSitePro. That's more of a turn key program. A lot of people also hate it :)

For the software you mentioned... it has a 30 day trial, so I don't see that you've got anything to lose at the moment.

The danger with programs like this (and indeed Dreamweaver and any WYSIWYG editor) is that you tend to end up with very bloated code, because you don't physically have to write every single line. The more you tweak your site, the more bloated your code will get. This just means that if anything goes wrong or starts displaying incorrectly, it's a hell of a job to figure out what is wrong.

I encourage you to learn a bit of HTML and CSS, and that will vastly improve things for you. But until then... try the 30 day trial, and let us know/see how you get on.

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