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Not enough interests for content creation?

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Not enough interests for content creation?

I want to ask a question about content creation.
The basic concept of affiliate marketing is to build a informative website and put banners and textlinks on the website.
But what if you don't have anough interest to write about or not enough hobbies?

Should you expand your knowledge and interests by reading websites on the internet, then make some notes and tell the story in your own words, or what?

Please share your ideas. Thank you very much.
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Hi 328212,
You could do that, but while you're combing through the internet looking for information, who is building your website?
Outsourcing is a good idea. Depending on the niche you are marketing we can set you up with some quality and affordable content.

Or else you could do what you suggest and broaden your horizons some and do all the research. Outsourcing mainly depends on how much value you place on your own time and what kind of quality you want on your website.

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Content drives the Internet and as an Internet marketer you have to get use to pumping out and producing content like a mad man (or woman). But then once your Websites start doing well and make money outsourcing is the only way to scale up and really start making some coin.

But if you on a budget your really do have to start cultivating a love affair with article writing to get anywhere.
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