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Nofollow page

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Nofollow page

I am having a hard time putting a nofollow/noindex tag on my privacy policy page. After i copy and paste this privacy policy and put it on a fresh page, then i go to the bottom of my admin page where it has the All In One SEO pack. I click on the nofollow/noindex option and press publish page.

But for some reason, it WON'T save it as a nofollow/noindex page. It keeps saving it as a foloow/index page and that is not what i want. Any suggestions?
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In Wordpress, search for the plugin "robots meta." This will allow you to select an option on every page you have.

For every page, you can select:

index, follow
index, nofollow
noindex, follow
noindex, nofollow

I just installed this and it's a real nice feature to have.
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