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Needed: Checklist or mindmap for website transfer

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Needed: Checklist or mindmap for website transfer

Hi All,
I would like to sell a website to someone and before I can do that I really need a checklist or mindmap for the step-by-step process to do that. If anyone could help out that would be really great.

What I need to know is how to switch over hosting, domain name, web files, and whatever else needs to be done.

Actually, I'm not even sure where to find my web files. I'm good at following directions and learning on my own. Just need some guidance. :-)

I only know bits and pieces of what to do, but not how to put them together and in the right order.

Thanks in advance for being able to help me!

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For domain - You need to transfer the domain name to other person from your domain controller.

For files and database etc
Is your hosting account using cpanel?
If yes, then go to backups in cpanel and create a new backup.
Download this backup file once it is created.
The other person just needs to restore cpanel backup in his hosting and the job is done.

I think those two are the main things you need to do. I understand this is not a very detailed guide but I don't think you need one either ;)
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The transfer process for the website files may differ depending on what you used to build your site. You should consult your hosting server support team and/or the providers of the site-building tool that you used.
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