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Need help with setting up a website and writing content

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Need help with setting up a website and writing content

Would it be possible to pay somebody (individual or company) to help me? Like write things to add to my site and help with the SEO process? I could pay with profits or a fee, I'm really finding it difficult to come up with ideas. And i know once i get off the ground i'll be ok and i gcan build from there.
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You can definitely hire people for this. There are a billion content writers over at elance waiting for you to hire them and there are about the same amount of SEO guys who are also waiting for your business.

You will need to give them explicit instructions as to what to do, so you will have to figure out what you need done before doing anything else. If this is the problem, let us know.
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Listen to the interview with Michel & Sylvie Fortin. Sylvie owns

I am already outsourcing to distribute my articles, however, I am considering outsourcing for everything: From writing to distributing.

You MUST outsource. It's important.
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