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Adding aweber HTML form code to Wordpress pages

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Adding aweber HTML form code to Wordpress pages

Hi guys,

I'm having a problem and hoping someone can give me some advice. I use the TinyMCE Advanced plugin, in case that matters.

In my Wordpress posts/pages, in HTML mode I pasted in the RAW HTML version of the aweber web form code. As long as I stay in HTML mode and save from that mode, everything is fine.

The problem is that if I switch to Visual Editor Mode (ie - to format my text such as set some of my headers as H1, H2 tags, etc. this screws up my web form. (it loses its formatting and I'll either see all code where the form should be or the form will not be colored, etc as I've setup in aweber.

Has anyone had this issue?

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It could be that when you went to visual mode, you unknowingly and inadvertently deleted and/or changed some part of the aweber code. What you can do in this case is format your article completely in visual mode and do the aweber code last so that you do not have to go back to visual mode and probably lose the opt in box formatting again.
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This is a common problem with Wordpress when adding Aweber forms to pages. As Faradina said just make sure all your content is done in visual mode and you do not need to go back and edit anything. Then once everything is how you want it, switch to html mode and add the Aweber code and then save and exit. Do not switch back into visual mode.
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