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Getting stumped on keyword selection

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Getting stumped on keyword selection

Hi All and thank you in advance for any and all help!

Looking for suggestions on keywords or how to chose for our particular product.

I've had my wife's site up for about 8 months now http://www.dedemurcermoffett.com When I built the site I had zero knowledge about keywords, SEO and all that goes with ranking until joining Affilorama a couple of months ago. Most of what we have now is natural with a page rank of 3.

Now as I'm digging in (I've have watch the videos and read and read and read!) but not getting the internet Gods to place keywords in my mind to research.
I did come up with inspirational songs but if read adwords correctly it's a low cost click price so not allot of buyers for this keyword

We have our own product - my wife's a singer and has released a CD that we now want to sell on the website.
She's not well known to the music industry
Her CD is titled I Believe"
Her songs lean more towards thoughts and beliefs, Inspirational songs, believe in yourself, you can do it type lyrics.

Current main site keyword:
inspirational songs (I get an "A" in Traffic Travis) on home page
Has around 70K monthly searches per Google keyword tool
Were on Google page 10 for this keyword

So.... I'm stumped on where to turn next to find keywords to help get our CD selling.

Thanks again,
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Hi Rick,

When I get stuck on keywords here are some things that help me.

- http://www.onelook.com/reverse-dictionary.shtml - really cool when you can't think of a word to use.

-Traffic Travis's keyword finder maxed out at 2000 will always take me in some new directions that I hadn't thought of.

- Google's Wonder Wheel and Related Searches options may give you some ideas. (you'll find both in the upper left hand of any results page under "+show options") also try http://www.google.com/insights/search/

- Another thing that I use to get ideas is the Firefox addon, SEOQuake. It has a keyword density option on it that'll tell you the keywords used on web pages. Do a search for inspirational music and see what words those sites are targeting.

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Hi Rick

Great to hear you've made progress with your site's ranking since joining Affilorama. As you've probably heard me going on about taking action, you see thats really the key to making things work.

That also applies to keyword research since we can get caught in that loop of analysis paralysis where we stress about have we got the right keywords (see my Week 1 Video 5 for more on that) instead of realizing that we can tweak our keywords over time.

Obviously good to start with a strong set of keywords to focus on (which is the rest of Week 1's lessons) so use both Traffic Travis and [url=https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternalthe Google Keyword Tool to find as many relevant keywords as possible[/url].

Heidi makes some good suggestions too on building out, and fragmenting your keyword list. Once you have a massive list then comes the job of picking out ones with good traffic (over 1500 a month) but not too much that its overly competitive, then hit those ones.
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