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How to generate XML Sitemap?

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How to generate XML Sitemap?

Hey, someone has designed my website. Now I am planing to do its basic SEO, I have made some necessary setting and looking to generate an XML sitemap. As I am new to development, I don't know how to generate a sitemap. I am sharing my website URL https://www.dermavilla.com/ for reference, please let me know how I can generate XML sitemap or provide me any online references. Any help appreciated.
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Bhagyashree Gupte
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You can create xml site map easily by "xml site mape generator" free website. And learn more here >>https://jdealmmo.com/
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If you use a cms system such as Wordpress, it is also easy to export using a plugin such as Yoast.
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That's all fine and dandy that you have a website now. But honestly, though you have the website, you can further enhance the website for better search engine rankings and increased exposure across multiple social networks by having a self hosted version of WordPress installed as a subdomain in addition to you website. The beauty of WordPress is they have thousands of free WP plug-ins that'll help you extend your reach to new audiences, with the potential to increase your online sales passive income goals. If you decide to install WordPress on your site as a subdomain, one word press plug-in you should look into for improving your SEO is Yoast for WordPress. They have a free and a paid version. Basically, the plug-in will optimize every blog post you create and publish on the fly automatically after activating the plug-in in your WP administrative dashboard. After you install that plug-in should you decide to install WordPress on your domain, then look into installing the "next scripts plug-in for WordPress." that'll allow you to have your blog posts syndicated to multiple social networks at once without manually logging into every social network just to post a link to new content you published on your blog. That plug-in alone will help you automatically boost search engine rankings, because the plug-in does help to naturally build search engine White hat SEO friendly back links.

Lastly, The "Yoast SEO WordPress plug-in" will automatically create an XML site map for your blog, making it search engine friendly to Google after submitting your site map to Google Webmasters for verification.

Any more questions you have for me?
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