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AdsBridge - First Tracker and TDS with SmartLink

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AdsBridge - First Tracker and TDS with SmartLink

AdsBridge is an easy-to-use cloud-based affiliate marketing tool with a wide range of functions. It perfectly fits the needs of experienced affiliates and newbies, media buy teams and digital agencies and propose the newest tools for optimization of marketing campaigns.

Let’s see how you can increase your profit and make your campaigns more successful using AdsBridge.

How does AdsBridge differ from the others?

- you can use it FOR FREE if working with our Smart Links/offers from the Offers Market only;
- in-built visual and HTML landing page editor with ready-to-use templates;
- tracking without redirects for Facebook and Google AdWords;
- track all events from clicks to impressions but pay for visits only;
- highly-accurate Anti-fraud detector;
- extremely detailed real-time statistics report (50+ filter parameters and 7 sections for each element of the campaign);
online support team.

Main AdsBridge Features:

Traffic Monetization
AdsBridge offers you 8 smart links in different verticals with an average eCPM of $70. Add them to your campaigns as offers and make split tests with your offers.

Or choose a vertical and use the whole tracker as a smart link without paying a penny, but withdrawing money any time you want as soon as your balance payout reaches $100.

Postback templates
Up to 100 Affiliate networks and 50 traffic sources templates make it much easier to set up the postback and tracking tokens, saving a lot of your time on communication with managers and searching for the documentation. Several networks are already integrated with AdsBridge, which means that their offers can be added in a few clicks.

Anti-fraud detector and bot-filter
Based on a specially elaborated algorithm, anti-fraud detector scans incoming traffic according to 10 metrics and only after that provides you with the report. No hasty conclusions. This information can be used to set up bot-filter more accurately, and bots will be sent to a link you choose.

Free SSL
Buy domains right from your account and get free SSL for them. Or add your domains with SSL.

How to Use AdsBridge:

There are two options of using AdsBridge - as a tracker/TDS and as a Smart Link.

You start your work with the platform from a 14-day free trial and 50 000 visits limit. After this period is finished or the limit is reached you either choose a subscription plan or a Smart Link.

Option 1.
Add your offers, create campaigns, set up traffic sources and affiliate networks, distribute your traffic according to 20 conditions and increase the profit.

Option 2.
Choose vertical or many verticals, save your time on settings, use the tracker for free and earn!

Sign up now and see all the privileges of working with AdsBridge - First Tracker and TDS with SmartLink

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Its new for me. First I have to understand about this.
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