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Guest Post or Infographics

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According to my experience in off-page techniques, a guest post is better to get quality backlinks than the infographics.
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I would distinguish:

1) Infographics - you post it inside your blog and then you outreach to get backlinks

2) Guest blogging - you write many articles and post them to other websites (after outreach).

The second option is more time consuming for sure because you have to spend time writing content for each blog.

The choice of the 'better' strategy is based on your 'outreach' skills.
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Both guest posts and infographics will help you build backlinks. If possible, or if your niche allows it, you can create both.

It might be easier to do the infographic though as that can easily go viral, and easier to have website owners/bloggers to link to it versus writing to various websites to ask for guest post spot.

Hope that helps. All the best!
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s.saisaanvinaidu123 wrote:Which technique is better to gain quality backlinks either guest post or infographics.


It's pretty difficult to give out a verdict saying one of these is a better link building exercise. In OFF-Page SEO, every activity has its own way to build links and they both are pretty important.

You may have to shell out a few bucks for a guest post but infographics can be free of cost if they are impressive to the owner of the website and relatable to the content. You can start with minor link building exercise and then move on to paid guest posts.

Hope this helped!
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Well, I think you should go with the Guest posting instead of infographics.
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infographic, you post it in your blog and you could use it for email marketing. I think, in the off-page optimization, for a heavy traffic blog post is better as infographic strategy.
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There can be quality infographics with several words or couple of words. This infographic out of Shane Barker includes less than 200 words and above 1500 shares, while this infographic out of Jeff Bullas has over 500 words and above 1500 shares.
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In my Opinion, Guest Post is better than Infographic. The guest post is a high-quality backlink.
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Guest Posting and Infoghaphics both have own importance, But guest post is better than infographics.
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Guest post is the better technique in off-page optimization to get backlink instead of infographics.
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I think its Guest Posting for quality backlinks. Its my personal experience.
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