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How to maintain your keyword rank

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How to maintain your keyword rank

how to maintain rank of keyword on first page to get more traffic and leads
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Hi Sophie,

You need to be consistent in publishing good, helpful and original content on your website. You also need to improve your website optimization by looking for more ways on how you can improve your on-page SEO. And of course, constant promotion and good backlinking skills are needed to stay consistent in your keyword ranking.
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5 ways to maintain your SEO ranking

Update your site. This sounds intuitive, but it's one of the most common mistakes in the internet marketing niche.
Speed up your site.
Expand your link building.
Outbound and internal links.
Build your social media presence.
Closing thoughts.
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You should keep your content up to date if people quickly clicking the back button, this is going to reflect badly on your website.
Make sure your website loads quickly & looks good on a mobile device.
Focus on attracting more inbound links.
Social media promotions & good backlinks.
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Here are the steps to maintain Keyword Rank as follows:-
Keep the Content Fresh and Relevant
Optimize Keyword
Analyse Content
Optimize Web Page in a better way
Focus on Inbound Links
Build more Internal Links
Use Automation Tool
Stay updated with social media platforms features, etc.
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Publishing Good content to your website and create backlinks on high PA DA sites. This will help you in getting leads and traffic.
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Have you looked in to webscraping? It's a great way to find out what keywords fit you or what your competition is doing. It allows you to extract large amounts of data from various websites, using a thing called crawler. However, in this case, you should be careful, as website tend to block these kind of actions, so it is advised to use a proxy. You can look up top 2019 providers here: *moderator removed link* If you have any further questions and google doesn't cut it, don't hesitate to contact me or answer in this thread!
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Here are several ways to improve your keyword rankings in Google by looking at your site more holistically.
Quantify Your Rankings.
Repair Technical Issues.
Focus on the User Experience.
Optimize for Users & Search Engines.
Create Eye-Catching & Engaging Titles.
Stay on Top of Algorithm Updates.
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Improve your site's user experience.
Get more backlinks.
Improve your page speed.
Repair broken links.
Optimize your images.
Use H1 and H2 header tags.
Optimize for search.
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The best way to maintain keyword ranking is to provide exactly what the person is looking for. You have to provide valuable content. If you don't, people aren't going to share and want to read your stuff.
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Here are many techniques to enhance your keyword rankings in Google by simply taking a look at your website more holistically.

Quantify Your Rankings.
Repair Technical Issues.
Focus on the User Experience.
Optimize for Users & Search Engines.
Produce Eye-Catching & Engaging Titles.
Keep on Top of Algorithm Updates.
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Update your site's content regularly.
Focus on the title.
Cross-check regularly for technical issues.
User experience.
Look up on social accounts activities.
using proper Link building techniques.
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There are so many things to do if you want to maintain your keyword rank on SERP.

1. Simply, upload content to the particular that keyword/keywords
2. Check keywords density in the content
3. Do not try to stuff the keyword in the written content, density should be perfect, is 3%.
4. Repair Issues, if you found any technical issues, or any other.
5. Optimize keywords based content for users and search engines.
6. Also, focus on the seo title, description, tags.
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