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Is this a profitable niche?

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Is this a profitable niche?


I´m just starting to create my blog, but before, I want to know if my niche is viable, or if it has a lot of competition.

I chose the "make money online" niche.
My native language is Spanish, so the blog will be in Spanish. There is less competition in that language.

My blog´s domain name is "", which would mean "six figures online".

Should I go deeper? Is this a profitable niche?

Thank you very much.
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It is a profitable niche and at the same time also a super competitive market. However, since you only plan to target the Spanish market, I think that it's ok not to sub-categorized it. A little research would be helpful though. Try to see your competition for that niche. If it is too competitive, then you may probably settle for a super targeted niche under money-making online

Good luck! :)
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