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What is the difference b/w xml and html site map?

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What is the difference b/w xml and html site map?

what is the difference b/w XML and HTML site map?
hi, I have a little confusion b/w the XML and HTML site map anyone can explain me?
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Both are related to each other and are considered markup languages. However, to define the difference, the HTML markup is used mainly for data presentation, while the XML markup is used to store and transfer data.

You can learn more about these two at this link here:

https://techdifferences.com/difference- ... -html.html
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An XML sitemap is specifically written for search engine spiders. A search engine spider can quickly and easily extract all the important pieces of information about your site by looking at the XML file. The HTML sitemap is for humans. It is a quick map/overview of the pages on your site which are listed using links (with anchor text).
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I do not even know how to reply. Basically all what saved in XML file from some Google console will be information about pages of your website. All of them, so it shouldn't be a problem at all with creating it. HTML one is probably a page on site with links to all other pages of your site.
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Site map helps to your website pages index in Search Engines. The main difference between Xml site map and Html site map, User doesn’t understand Xml site map but search engines easily understand Xml sitemap. User understandable site map is Html site map. This is the main difference b/w Xml and Html site map.
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In XML Sitemap, all the pages of your website is submitted which allows the search engines to crawl each url.
In HTML Sitemap, the list of all pages is provided in single page useful for users to easily navigate a page they are searching for.
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