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Is blog commenting still important in SEO?

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Is blog commenting still important in SEO?

Hi all, can you share me Does blog commenting still help in search engine optimization?
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For SEO, no blog commenting no longer works as most blog sites are set to no-follow. However, still, your valuable comment will still get attention and traffic to your website. Of course when this is done right, meaning you provide food and insightful content.
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No, because blog commenting gives us only no-follow backlinks.
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Blog commenting is not important now for search engine optimization, since it only has provisions for no-follow back-links. If you need to improve your SEO ranking, then you can rather try other means like sharing your posts on social media and majoring on keywords
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It's not still important in SEO because Blog Comment increase Nofollow of your website and provide low ranking.
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Even if it give you no-follow link it's still a link and you guys should stop thinking about it as SEO-wise tactic constantly. How would you say is naturall for website for getting only do-follow links ? I think it's fishy cause if your website is good then somebody will talk about it in comments from some no-follow blog. I think it's way more human nature.
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yes still now it is important in SEO. We have a chance to gain quality backlinks through blog commenting. It helps to rank the keywords of the page and try to do blog commenting in do follow sites then it is helpful otherwise not

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Here are some advantages of blog commenting –

1) Blog commenting is an effective way of optimizing your website, by efficiently upgrading your ranking among the major search engines.

2) Blog commenting also helps in quick indexing by search engines.

3) Many webmasters are turning into bloggers to get advantages of this quick indexing.

4) Search engines often take blog comments into high regards.

5) The best thing about blog commenting is search engine treats them as content, which you are getting in your website without any effort, since someone else providing it for you.

6) The big plus about blog commenting is that, since the viewers are writing comment on your post so it is quite obvious that their comment will reflect your keywords or at least your topic.
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Yes i think blog commenting still is a good idea in seo.
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I think, Your short answer is Yes. Blog Comments is still important and valuable is SEO.
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amfan2 wrote:Hi all, can you share me Does blog commenting still help in search engine optimization?

Obviously blog commenting still help SEO. It's bring a satisfied amount of traffic to your blog.
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