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Best Social Media Tool for Instagram Scheduling

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Best Social Media Tool for Instagram Scheduling

I'm looking for the best tool for scheduling posts on Instagram. So far, I've been using buffer, but it started becoming slightly unreliable today. Not a deal breaker, but it just made me want to see what else is out there.

Here's what I'm looking for in a tool:
1. Ability to post single images to Instagram wall <-- buffer does this
2. Ability to post multiple images to Instagram wall <-- buffer allows this but only with a notification to your phone then you manually post.
3. Ability to post video to Instagram wall <-- buffer does this
4. Ability to post to Instagram Story
5. Ability to add location to posts <-- buffer does this
6. Ability to crop video to square <-- this would be a big bonus

Are there any close competitors when it comes to these features?
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Have you checked Social Pilot? I have not used Buffer or Social Pilot yet but these two tools are being compared as similar tools for social media management.

Alternatively, you may also check the other options here:

https://optinmonster.com/23-tools-that- ... ext-level/
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Nice post here. I have also been looking for instagram scheduling tools, and I'll appreciate more replies to this thread. Thanks Maryt for the respons, Afilorama staff are very supportive. I have heard of buffer and Social Pilot but never tried them before.Let me check the link too
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I've checked the link by Maryt and I must say it's just so amazing. These tools are quite essential for social media management, especially influencer marketing, which can also be instrumental in different ways. I'm familiar with some of the names, and its a great time to learn new things
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Here are the Instagram Scheduling Tools. Hopper HQ. Here's a look at the current interface for Hopper HQ. ScheduGram. ScheduGram is one of the most popular tools for scheduling Instagram posts.
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Massplanner comes to mind... The best one in my oppinion when it comes to Instagram managment
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Go to my website and checkout features of one of the best social media tools that can do all your tasks related to Instagram such as posts scheduling, commenting, follow, follow back and so on. Hope your search will be ended!
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There are various types of automation tools are available for scheduling Instagram activities. I would say Gramboard is the best automation tool for Instagram which is much effective in result and schedules all Instagram activities in the best ways.
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