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How can i make my website SEO friendly?

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How can i make my website SEO friendly?

Hi, can anyone explain what is the feature of ON page SEO, How can I make my website SEO friendly?
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To make your site SEO friendly, the first and main thing is the use of keywords. Search engines use your keywords to direct visitors to your site. So ensure you go for high ranking keywords. You can also go for longtail keywords, but they are much slower in my opinion. Avoid broken links and stick to white hat SEO
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SEO friendly website has those configurations and features so it's easy for search engines to crawl (read) and understand what the particular website.
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You need to know the onsite page factors to make your website SEO-friendly. Once you have sorted those out, you may then start optimizing your website with off page techniques. We have provided you several free SEO lessons on this page here: https://www.affilorama.com/search-engine-optimization
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You can make Website SEO friendly by using this method. When designing a search engine friendly site, carry out the research for keywords. Place keywords strategically. Include Meta and title tags. Keep your content updated. Provide enough content. Use images sparingly. Avoid using frames if possible.
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You need to know about SEO on page and Off page Both properly then you have tio start creatining backlink in another website. i am sharing some tips of seo to make your website seo friendly. please follow this link
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