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Will PPC be more important than SEO in 2019?

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Will PPC be more important than SEO in 2019?

PPC is the new selling mode of businesses. Many top companies run campaigns and sell right away. It is like visiting the supermarket and buying clothes you come across first. How many of you agree with this analogy? If you do, please explain your reasons.
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PPC is not new. It's been around long enough for big search engines like Google get profit off it.

It's one way of getting traffic. but I wouldn't say that it is more important than SEO.

Regardless of whatever method/s you will use to get traffic, it's still good to have your on-page SEO set up.

All the best!
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PPC and SEO exist because each caters to different goals. If you like to see results ahead, then you can pay ads. If you like to limit the budget to free traffic and it isn't looking for fast results, then you choose SEO. I do not think that PPC would stand more than SEO in the coming years. Not everyone can pay for traffic. SEO, in fact, remains more stable than before.
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Traffic is key to everything. If you manage to get traffic the rest will solve it self. SEO is your free ticket to traffic.
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Both the marketing channels has its own advantages & disadvantages. You pursue SEO when you want to build authority site domain & you want to achieve website traffic over a longer period of time then seo is best. PPC gives you instant results desired results also you can get targeted traffic to your website. It is also use for achieving time bound campaigns.
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Both are important in 2019 Because PPC is not a new technique, PPC is used just improve fastly ranking on SERP. SEO is the best fit for every year.
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I don`t think that the popularity of those methods depends on the year and its trends. The matter is what results do you want to achieve.

SEO doesn't show fast results, sometimes it takes up to 6 months to see the effectiveness. PPC, on the contrary, acts instantly but requires more budget than SEO does as it's cost depends on the niche and geo.

The ideal option is when you combine them both: start SEO optimization at the same time with PPC. So, PPC will attract traffic until it starts to arrive organically (thanks to the SEO). Then you can turn PPC off. Or, if your budget allows, you can keep them both.
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