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Need help about doing an SEO to my website

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Need help about doing an SEO to my website

I'm a content writer but I need to do an SEO to my very own website. Is it okay to hire an SEO Specialist? Do they give a best result to rank up my website on the search result? Can anyone give me a tip please, before to hire an SEO specialist.
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Hi Claude,

If you have the budget to hire a specialist then yes, it will make things easier for you. However, watch out for SEOs that do black hat as this may do more harm to your site. You need to properly state that you only allow white hat SEO for your site and quality link building for off page SEO.
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If you know how to do SEO means you can do your own. SEO is easy and no need to hire someone. If you don't know about SEO completely means. It is easy to learn also.
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Yes, If you know a little bit knowledge about SEO, you can only start doing the work day by day you will get complete knowledge about SEO, else you have a budget to hire SEO specialist you can hire.
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If you are interested to do it yourself i highly recommended Backlinko YouTube Channel. He teaches step-by-step tutorials on How to do it.

You will love it
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If you will hire an SEO expert, Then I think they will easier to solve your answer. Because only SEO expert can increase any website rank you know.
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*Choose the right URL. Before your website goes live, you need to select a URL. ...
*Create titles and descriptions for each page. ...
*Utilize anchor text. ...
*Add alt text to all your images. ...
*Give your site structure with the right headers. ...
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