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Crawling, Indexing and Caching

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Crawling, Indexing and Caching

Hello Friends,

What are the major differences between Crawling, Indexing and Caching?
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Google Suggest this website for your answer. You can check this https://www.slideshare.net/LaxmanKotte/ ... nd-caching

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Crawling is the process of Googlebot, it found the newly updated content. Images, videos on website and information sent back to Google.
Indexing is the process of the information gathered by the Google from its crawling activities.
Caching Googlebot tools a snap chat of webpage is updated in the last visitor crawl whenever website goes down not yet indexed test changes made in the website at the time it will show the last version which was saved.
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In crawling bot search and scan data of websites, that scanned data is stored in the database center of a search engine called indexing
cache is a snapshot of a web page that Google creates and store when they've indexed a web page.
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Crawling is the process by which Google discovers new & updated pages on the web.

Indexing is the process by which Google adds the newly search web pages to its Google search.

caching is the last crawl visit by Google search engine to the website.
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