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A new project I'm working on

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A new project I'm working on

My new IMDB listing is here:

I'm in the middle of producing a couple of new documentary series's. The first one is coming out soon, it's called Food, Health & You.

I'm aiming to take the quality of information about various topics to the highest level possible, so you'll notice this is a much more ambitious project than producing ebooks and regular membership sites... However, it's very rewarding also :)

I'm also in the middle of writing a book, this might take me a year or so, it's on personal development and how to live your best life possible (as I've been a bit of a self-growth enthusiast since I was 16 years old). I plan to publish this as a physical book.

Well that's it from my quick update. Have a great day everyone!

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Hey Mark, looking forward to watching your documentary and reading your new book!
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Hello Markling,
I was read your documentary. It was pretty.
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have a good day, markling!
looking forward to read you book )
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Hi Mark. Looking forward to watching your documentary series as well as reading the book that you're working on.
Have a good day!
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IMDb… so… you are a celebrity now? (lol)
Great website and community you have built up here Mark. Chapeaux!
I wish "Food, Health & You" to become a… blockbuster!
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It’s great to knowing about your project in which you currently working on. Thanks for sharing IMDB listing with us.

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It is always hard to write a book that is up-to-date when the nature of the business changes weekly. Then, there is a time lapse between completion and publication to consider.

How do you intend to cover those problems?
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Thumbs up! :) I wish you the very best on your endouvers!
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Big ups Mark. Looking forward to watching your documentary
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