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Any Ideas how to convert traffic to sales?

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Any Ideas how to convert traffic to sales?

Hi guys,

I'm fairly new to affiliate marketing and would appreciate any advice on what I'm doing wrong.

I've got three websites up and running (all organic search) of which they have affiliate links and I've been running ads on Facebook (via targeted audiences) for other campaigns but can't seem to convert any sales.

I also have leadpages linked to my Facebook ads and I can see that people have been clicking through but not always going through to the main sales site.

I don't know if it's my leadpages not being good enough, if my target audiance on FB is wrong or if I've just chosen the wrong products to promote.

Should I just keep trying different campaigns until I get results? And should I pay for google ads to rank my sites and improve numbers?
Without any mentor I feel like I'm going round in circles..
Any advise would be welcomed
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Hi Nichol,

It can be a lot of things until we see your landing pages and the number of traffic that you get per month.

Whenever traffic is not converting, you should always place yourself as the audience not the marketer. Retrace your steps and evaluate each step as a website visitor. Critique and take notes.

You should particularly look at the landing pages, their content, the keywords you've used for your campaign, and your campaign ad. Look if each of these would satisfy what you are looking for in a website.

It would also help if you do split testing-- to see which page converts well. For your ads, you can do re-targeting. I find this technique very useful for FB ads.

You also need to know that not all niches work well for certain social media platform. You may need to do a research of this online to double check whether your chosen niches convert well on FaceBook.
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