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Marketing my first squeeze page

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Marketing my first squeeze page

I'm new and really excited to get going on advertising my first squeeze page. I've saved some articles and tips but they all seem to from 2014 or earlier. I've signed up for Clickonomy but was wondering if anyone else has had success with their first squeeze page and what methods are working for 2018?
Thanks in advance,
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Hi Cherin,

If you are following the Jetpack lessons for squeeze page design and you have also referred to the marketing lessons that we have for you in the course, yes they are all working and still relevant to this day. All the methods discussed under the marketing lessons in Afilojetpack have been personally tested by Mark Ling. They have worked for him and it can work for you too.

I have heard about Clickonomy and it's a good source for solo ads. However, not all niches are available in Clickonomy. You may want to refer to our video lesson on solo ads to be informed of the ways on how you can avail a good source for solo ads.

Have you submitted your squeeze page for review? If not yet, please do so under the exclusive forum "review" section of Affilojetpack. You can search this in the forum section. We can provide you with an extensive review of your page before you market it :)
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Very good to know from maryt that Affilorama does review squeeze pages. It is such a nice thing to do. Once again my appreciation to the great team from Affilorama!
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I wish you the best. My best advice for you is to track your results with different traffic sources, so you can find out which ones deliver the best results and how you can optimize them to get the best results.
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