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What are you top PPC networks for eCommerce?

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What are you top PPC networks for eCommerce?

Dear Community,

would like to hear your opinions on which PPC networks you would recommend for eCommerce solution startups? Alternatively, which marketing strategies beyond PPC have you had success with for promoting eCommerce based products?

Looking forward to a fruitful discussion.

Thank you.
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Onsite blogging and good SEO foundation. This has proven to be one of the cost-effective ways to build long-term traffic and conversion overtime without spending too much on advertising. However, of course for people with lack of patience and perseverance, this strategy may not be for them since you really have to excel an effort to make things work.
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The Best PPC Networks of 2018
1: Bidvertiser
2: RevContent
3: AdRoll
4: Facebook Ads
5: Bing Ads
6: BuySellAds
8: AdBlade
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