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Affiliate marketing strategy

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Affiliate marketing strategy

You want more traffic.
You want more leads.
You want more sales.

We all do.

Here’s something interesting I read recently.

“Businesses with 1-5 employees get on normal between 12-20 visitors per day to their website.”

Check out the study for yourself from Hubspot. Why is this interesting?

It demonstrates most businesses don’t get a ton of traffic to their sites. There’s a ton of competition out there for your user’s attention. And everyone thinks that the secret to growing their business is definitely to mindlessly churn blog posts, guest posts, and social media posts hoping that it prospects to more sales.

It’s difficult - if this was easy we’d all end up being sipping mojitos in a seaside in Koh Samui.

Whether you’re an internet designer/programmer, or you’re promoting an affiliate marketer give like Shopify, there are HUGE possibilities to profit from your on-going visitors.

There’s a much actually, much easier method to grow. I want to share some mathematics to assist you understand.

Imagine should you have a campaigns web page - you’re attempting to market a product or possibly it’s for collecting email addresses.

If your original web page gets: 10,000 visits a complete month, with a 2 percent conversion rate = 200 converted referrals.

Not bad. Lets make an effort to boost our conversions. That can be done 1 of 2 things:

Number 1. You can test to double the visitors: 20,000 visits per month, with a 2 percent conversion price = 400 conversions.

Consider a second to think about the amount of work it’d take to double your traffic. That’s going to be weeks/years of blog posting, SEO, and sociable media work.

Number 2. You can try to double the conversion rate: 10,000 visits a month, with a 4 percent conversion rate = 400 conversions.
You learn about sales psychology.
You learn about squeeze page optimization.
You make a few changes to your landing webpages.
Both methods end up getting the same amount of conversions, but I think one method is superior. If you focus on trying to double your conversion rates, you get the same results with far, far less effort.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t focus on trying to grow your traffic. I’m saying that people don’t focus enough on optimizing what they already have. It drives me crazy seeing how many people have horribly converting landing pages, when makes it so easy for you to improve it.
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This information sounds interesting! Thank you for your post!
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Are there any free trials for Hubspot products? It's essential to build long-term relationships with clients.
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Did you do this using any kind of tools for advertising?
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Great insight, appreciate it. Thanks for posting! :D
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I agree with your view point. Most of the people spend their quality time in optimizing the number of visitors rather than optimizing the conversion rate. The result will be same but the second method is superior. Great Idea! Keep sharing!
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Good affiliate marketing strategy, Thanks for sharing it.
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nice post! I like strategies with numbers, they look more convincing
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Great post thanks for sharing such a valuable information
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Interesting strategy. Very useful post, definitely worth attention.
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Are there some trials that are free for Hubspot solutions? It is vital to construct long-term relationships with customers.
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7 Steps To Improve Conversion Rates

https://www.affilorama.com/content-crea ... sion-rates

1. Target a High-Demand Market
2. Eliminate Website Flaws
3. Post Content That Sells
4. Explain the Benefits
5. Position Your Links Wisely
6. Always Finish With a CTA
7. Optimize Your Email Marketing

I found particularly interesting No. 2:
"… by increasing speed from a 15-second page load to a 2-second page load, they had a whopping 30 percent increase in conversions. The most urgent goal for now is to make sure your page takes less than 7 seconds to load, as anything over that will have the most impact on your conversions."
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If you want to work at affiliated marketing. Firstly, you have need lot of traffic. You can traffic from many different social site.then you have need a contact CPA site who give work to you. CPA means Coast Per Action. They will pay for every conversation. In this time here have lot of CPA site like as lospollos,adverten,adworkmedia and so on. You have need to open an account there. Then choose one which you promote. And lets earning by your traffic.
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Affiliate marketing strategies. The create content that your competition can't compete with. Build a brand that ads value to the consumer. Affiliate marketing also is a very board term;under this umbrella there are several different strategies that can be employed to generate affiliate revenue.
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Also it depends on topics. For example adult, nutra and dating are most converting.
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