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Search engine ppc vs social media ppc

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Search engine ppc vs social media ppc

Which ppc is effective for a small business in between Search engine ppc vs Social Media ppc ads ??
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That will really depend on a lot of factors, like the kind of niche you are promoting for example. Not all niches will respond the same for paid ads. The only way you will know which is better is to try both platforms and see how well the conversion goes from there.
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It totally depends on your business strength. That means if your business is socially strong or trustable then social media PPC otherwise search engine PPC is effective.
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I think both platforms have their merit. You just have to both of them and pick the one you are comfortable with. Although social media is making a strong showing lately. I suggest you try both platforms for yourself and decide which one is best for you.
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Search engine PPC delivers results but it is quite expensive. On the other hand social PPC ads are not far-reaching like search engine PPC ads. Targeted audience gets conditioned in social PPC method of advertising.
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It depends on the goals you've set: e.g. if you have a local business that you want people to reach when they are nearby, then paid search advertisement is preferable.
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