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Where Do I Begin?

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Where Do I Begin?

Hello everyone,
I actually joined Affilorama about a month ago but then went on vacation and am just now getting started. I am excited but a bit overwhelmed because I don't really know where to get started. I see in my back office I have access to Affiloblueprint, Affilotheme, Affilojetpack and Affilotools. My question is, do all these courses go together where I just start at the first one and work my way through or are these each stand alone courses?
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If you want to go step by step then you can start with the lessons in Affiloblueprint. When you get to the site building videos, you can go to Affilojetpack and build the site there, then go back to the lessons in Affiloblueprint for adding content, SEO, newsletters, etc.

You don't have to go into Affilotheme or Affilotools yet. You can look into these when you have your site up.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Don't know why almost all videos are trying to promote affilojetpack which no use for beginner like me.
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Thank you Cecile I really appreciate it! I am really excited about this.
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@chetsary : affilojetpack is very useful for beginner.

What make a beginner stay a beginner?
1. Analysis Paralysis by research :
That is overwhelmed by so much information.
Trying to find the best money making niche/subniche, staring at all the numbers and paralized because each and every guru have their own secret formula.
2. Writer's block
Writing is not easy, it double the difficulty if your english is not good.
It takes a lot of writing in doing affiliate marketing the affilorama way. Blog Content, eBook for subscriber who sign up for you list, emails, and so on....
Writing your follow up email is a nightmare, you think it is perfect because you follow every advise that was given. Then, you send out the email and open rate is <1%, CTR is <1%. Argghhh.....
3. Technical difficulty in setting up website.
Setting up a wordpress site is quick an easy.
4. Trying to make your website PERFECT.
5. Setting up autoresponder, it's a pain in the ass.

Affilojetpack jumpstart you for these 5 barricades.

Yes, I understand you want to know how all these works. The one thing I learned as an affiliate marketer is the more you do, the more you understand.

If you have any question or need help, pm me.
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