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PPV and search engine rank

mark schaaf
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PPV and search engine rank

Hi I have been on vacation for a little bit and haven't done a thing as for marketing, no new articles the only thing I have done is I started a PPV campaign with only a 5 dollar a day budget to start. I haven't made a penny off it yet but I have noticed my alexa rank went from like 13 million to about 9 million something. My site now shows up on page 19 and 21 in a google search instead of page 29 and 31 and is also up in yahoo a couple pages. could all this have to do with the fact that I am getting a lot more hits on my site because of the PPV campaign. Since I have done nothing else in the last month I am thinking this it why. Any else have anything like this happen. thanks Mark
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It could be the PPV campaign, it could be your SEO efforts, or it could be combination of both. Hard to say without knowing where the traffic came from. One thing that I noticed is that when you do not check stats for a bit of time and then come back, your pages have suddenly jumped up the SERPs, if you had some sort of traffic generation method (SEO, PPC) in place. Watched pot never boils seems to be coming into play here.
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PPV has increased the traffic to your site but it has no SEO benefits so I think it did not help increase your page rank.

Clarafaie is right, you should check your check your analytics so that you could see where your traffic came from.
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