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Keyword phrase "broken up". Is it bad on keyword density?

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Keyword phrase "broken up". Is it bad on keyword density?

Hi guys,

I was wondering if a keyword phrase is "broken up", does that impact the keyword density and therefor the relevancy of the article.

For instance: KW phrase is ¨dog training¨

.....¨A good dog training is adviced¨.... better than
....´For your dog to go to a training is...´......

Does both options have the same value for google?

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Hi Ivan,
If you are talking about using them as a main search phrase then no, it is a different keyword phrase.
What you are describing is called "Long tail keywords" or "Keyword search phrase"

Keep in mind Google may pick certain words up in the search because of relevant content on your site and other main keywords you are using.

Hope that helps.

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If your keyword is "dog training" then only the first phrase (.....¨A good dog training is adviced¨....) would be included in the keyword density count. The second phrase (...For your dog to go to a training is...) will not be counted.

However, if you're concerned about SEO, you just need to get your keywords in your title and mention it within the first 50 words of your article and within the last 100 words. Make sure that your article sounds natural and your keywords are relevant. Focus on building backlinks since these will have the greatest effect on your rankings.
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