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Get free SEO by optimizing your images!

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Get free SEO by optimizing your images!

Hi Mark!

My affiliates are tattoomenow and chopper-tattoos and although I think my site looks very good http://tattoomundo.com and has lots of great content (I'm front page Google on some of the adwords, even #1 on one of them!!) I don't have a single sale yet. But I'm working every day, recently joined AMAutomation and my articles are doing GREAT there!

Here is information I received from tattoomenow about using imagery to increase free SEO. I'm sure you know about it, but I don't know if you teach it. Perhaps you might consider it. I'd love to hear your comments. Thanks so much for everything, Mark. Any advice on how I may get some sales would be welcomed :-)!!

Best, Bruce

Article Follows:

>Back to the SEO tactic...

What I'm talking about is "Image SEO", or in other
words; optimizing the images on your site for the
search engines.

Optimizing your images for the search engines is
important regardless of the type of site that you
run, but the reason I'm writing you today is
because currently there's an absolutely enormous
opportunity in the tattoo market to take advantage
of this little-known SEO trick to get TONS of

Why is this tactic so powerful in the powerful in
the tattoo market in particular you may ask?

I'll tell you why...

Reason #1. Almost NO ONE uses it.

Reason #2. Because of the nature of the market. You
see, in markets like tattoos, people are responding
to IMAGES. In fact, that's what they're looking for.
They're looking for either tattoo designs or photos
of tattoos.

A few months ago I made an interesting discovery. I
was checking my Google Analytics stats and noticed
that more than 60% of my search engine traffic was
coming from Google Images (images.google.com).
Since then I have used Image SEO on my various
sites to get as much as 3341 visitors in ONE day
from ONE image.

Now, considering there are literally 1000's of
long-tail tattoo keywords that get more than 5000
searches a month, things start getting pretty

...Especially since there's almost no competition.
In fact, I'd be willing to bet that 95% of the
tattoo images that rank high on Google Images and
in the regular search results (yes, images show up
there too!) got there is by pure coincidence. The
site owner simply happened to give them the right
filename, alt tag etc. to make them rank high.

I'd say the tattoo market is probably the market
with the most potential for image traffic of ANY
market. Can you think of any market with more
focus on images and that gets more traffic?
I cannot!

Ok, I can think of one, but those types of images
are censored in the search engines :)

Just enter the word "tattoo" into any keyword
tool and you'll see what I'm talking about.

So how can you take advantage of this massive

One easy way to get started is to start a blog
where you talk about different types of tattoos
and use images from for example stock photo sites
and Flickr (don't forget to give credit).

Optimizing your images for the search engines is
super-easy. You just follow a simple set of rules
every time you add a new image to your site.
Wordpress makes it even easier because you
don't even have to deal with the code, you simply
fill in a few fields.

Here's pretty much everything you need to keep
in mind when optimizing your images:

1. Use your target keyword in the filename.
Example: If your image is photo of a "tribal tattoo"
and you want to target that keyword, name it

2. Use your target keyword in the alt and title
tags. If we continue with the example above, the
alt tag would be "tribal tattoo".

3. If possible, include the keyword in the image
caption and surrounding text.

4. Try to keep the images "above the fold".

5. Include the target keyword in the title

6. Make sure to match the images with the theme
of the page. Example: The image of the tribal tattoo
should ideally be on a page about tribal tattoos.

You can do a Google search on for example "image seo"
if you want to dig deeper but there's really not that
much more to it.

If you get started today, you could very realistically
have a large number of images showing up in the top
three positions on BOTH Google Images and Google.com
in a matter of a few weeks!

Do some searches in tattoo keywords and you'll find
that in a lot of cases it's not a regular web page
taking up the #1 spot, it's an image!

If you already have an existing WordPress blog,
here's a great plugin that allows you to change all
your images' alt and title tags all at once:
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Bruce Fields & Trisha Crespo
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Good contribution, and definitely that should be standard when adding images to your site.

The problem seems to be that people give a lot of thought to the article content but not the images themselves - it's all part of the package.

The image title text also adds to your page content because it can be a hover, or tool tip, when people mouse over the image.

Great post!
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