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Chrome Tools to Help Guess Whether Site Is Safe/Secure/Good?

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Chrome Tools to Help Guess Whether Site Is Safe/Secure/Good?

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to know what tools, particularly Chrome extensions, you use that'd give you a feel whether a site--any site--you're putting your efforts on is "good."

(Input from non-Chrome users is also welcome.)

I use three Chrome extensions for that:

1) Mozbar - I go for sites with a Domain Authority of at least 40-ish.

2) Web of Trust - It's a user-based "website-rating" platform.

3) Open SEO Stats (Formerly: PageRank Status) - For now, I'm cool with PR 1. (A lot of sites have "Unranked" pages.) This is the least important extension to me, though.

I wish I knew about them since Day 1. I think I've played with some sites that could actually hurt mine.

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Hi Ely,

I only use SEO Quake and SEO Doctor for Firefox. I use SEO Quake for my backlinking activities and SEO Doctor to check my website for SEO.
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