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MMOexp: 7 Possible Berserk References In Elden Ring

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MMOexp: 7 Possible Berserk References In Elden Ring

FromSoftware the president of FromSoftware Hidetaka Miyazaki's passion for Kentaro Miura's manga as well as the animated series Berserk is perhaps the most secluded secret within this industry. While he avoids explicitly discussing the relationships between his games and Berserk and Miura's work, it's apparent that every Miyazaki-helmed game since the year 2009's Demon's Souls has been influenced in some way or the other by the epic of dark fantasy Miura wrote for over 30 years until his death in 2021.

This tendency to cite Berserk Naturally extends over to Elden Ring, the Souls successor to the game that came out in the last month. Prior to the game's launch the game, players scoured each item of promotional material to show the way that this armor resembled something from Berserk or that the enemy's style could be a reference to Miura's work. In fact, after spending more than 100 hours playing the game in the last couple of weeks I couldn't not notice these similarities as well.

Spoilers are in place in as well Elden Ring as well as Berserk, but really, what are you even doing here if you're trying to avoid them?

Elden Ring's sword fields against. Berserk's Hill of Swords

Let's get the obvious Berserk tribute off the table first.Elden Ring's vast universe includes numerous areas that I've called "sword fields." I'll admitthat the name isn't all that creative: They're literally just small fields adorned with swords. They all have been stabbed in the first place into the ground in order to stand upright. Within each one is a huge sword with an inscribed inscription that typically provides a vague bit of information about the history of the game.

When I first came across one of these fields, it instantly brought back me of Berserk's famous Hill of Swords. In both the anime and manga the Hill of Swords is meant as a tribute to wounded soldiers of Band of the Hawk, the mercenary army that served as the show's protagonists for the majority of its first run. Rickert was one of the remaining soldiers of the band, forges the countless blades of the Hill of Swords as tribute to his former compatriots.

I believe that Elden Ring's sword fields serve the similar purpose. I believe they're meant to honor Miura who's passing profoundly affected the people who knew about his work. The question is whether they were added to Elden Ring before or after the death of Miura, we'll not find out, but it's definitely a fitting tribute to the man who was a major influencer on the games' predecessors.

Elden Ring's Blaidd the Half-Wolf vs. Berserk's Berserker Armor

Alongside Starscourge Radahn, another of my favorites characters in Elden Ring includes a gorgeous guy named Blaidd half-wolf. According to his name, Blaidd is the cross between a human and a wolf which is why his look has drawn an enormous amount of interest from Berserk fans since the game's reveal in June 2021. A brief glimpse of the Blaidd whooping on his atop Mistwood Ruins was immediately compared to Miura's work.

In Berserk the protagonist of the show Guts is ultimately entrusted with his own Berserker Armor, a terrifying piece of equipment which draws upon the victim's negative feelings to imbue them with untold power. While most of the time it just looks like an ordinary, if slightly pointed-looking suit of armor, it can transform into an intimidating, wolf-like look whenever Guts decides to let it fuel his rage in battle.

Much like Guts is gifted the Berserker Armor, you're eventually given Blaidd's armor in Elden Ring, allowing you to live out your dreams of a FromSoftware-developed Berserk game. I won't give any details about how the armor comes to you However, if you've any experience with previous Souls games, you'll probably think of a possible solution. It's not a happy topic.

Elden Ring's Ranni the Witch vs. Berserk's Schierke

In the event that Blaidd is Guts as he wears his Berserker Armor Then I'd say that would make Elden Ring fan favorite Ranni the Witch akin to Berserk's Schierke? Although it's a bit of an oversimplification, considering that Ranni is one of the more powerful people in the Lands Between and Schierke is a young witch-in-training, I would say it's plausible if you factor in their different relationship with men who resemble wolves.

I'm not Vaati, but it's apparent that Ranni and Blaidd have a close connection. Blaidd, as far as I've gathered was specifically created to guide Ranni towards her purpose as a potential godlike figure by an unseen, supernatural force known as The Greater Will. However, as Ranni abandons this path, Blaidd grows increasingly feral until he loses his humanity in the course of the story.

Schierke, on the other on the other hand, is one of Guts his companions following the annihilation of the Band of the Hawk. She soon emerges as the only one to help him manage his instinctual urges being influenced by the Berserker Armor. As such, Schierke and Guts are able to be inseparable in battle, with the young witch regularly projecting her spirit into his consciousness to ease his anxiety and prevent him from succumbing to the armor completely.
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