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Domain keywords for SEO and PPC - do the same rules apply?

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Domain keywords for SEO and PPC - do the same rules apply?


I know that it is good to have a keyword in the domain, but
is it doable to have short domain name slash (/) Keyword -
f.ex. http://www.comdotaff.com/ weighloss for weigh loss program
and so on...or ? -

Maybe it´s best to buy a new domain name for for each program
to forward or mask/cloaking until building my own landing page !!!

Are the same "rules" for SEO and PPC about this ?

What do you think...?

All the best,
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Hi Gunni,
I recently had the same dilemma and I find it easy when answering peoples questions on domains, but when it came to my own, I was too close to the situation to make a clear decision.. go figure..lol

I eventually went with www. shortname.com/keyword for branding purposes.
I could have went for www .1stkeyword2ndkeyword3rdkeyword.com

for branding the first option is ok...
Either way is fine, but for Niches, I would probably go with www. allthekeywords.com
again, both are fine though.

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Ok...good to here your opinion.
This helps.

Thanks Troy
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