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How to use GPT for Sheets extension

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How to use GPT for Sheets extension

I have been using a Chat GPT for Sheets extension for a while and I tested it for several types of tasks. Here is what it does for me:

Product Descriptions: Automatically generates detailed and engaging product descriptions.

Social Media Content: Writes posts for social media platforms to drive traffic to affiliate links.

Performance Reports: Generates detailed reports on the performance of affiliate links, including click-through rates and conversions.

Meta Tags and Descriptions: Creates optimized meta titles and descriptions for better search engine visibility.

Trend Analysis: Identifies trending topics and products in your niche.

Content Ideas: Extracts fresh content ideas based on current trends and audience interests.

Multilingual Content: Creates content in multiple languages to reach a broader audience.

Product Comparison Table: Creates a detailed comparison table of different affiliate products with auto-generated pros and cons.

I am quite happy with the output and how much time it saves. I still do some editing for social media content, for example, but nothing major. And of course, I cross-check the content created in other languages.

Overall, I find it incredibly helpful for the tasks I listed. Feel free to suggest other ways of using tools of this type.
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I will be honest; I didn't know about extensions of this type. Thanks for sharing your experience, now I know where to start. I see I can download and test it out for free. I think I'll start with descriptions and see how it goes.
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