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What is the best way to spin articles on AMA?

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What is the best way to spin articles on AMA?

Hello Board,

I just joined AMA, and was checking out the spin your articles PDF. My question is: What is the best way to spin your articles for the AMA service? I think the re-writing sentences thing is probably the best, and easiest. Also, can somebody give me a good formula for obtaining a good amount of levereage for each article without overdoing it and getting it published too many times without much quality and unique content?

That is to say: How to spin the article, and how many times to tell AMA to publish that article whilst keeping good content quality and obtaining many backlinks?

Thanks so much for your help,
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Hi Noob,
Just found this post for you.

Hope that helps.
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One way to spin articles on AMA, and that I know Mark Ling has talked about as well, is the 3 x 3 rule. Which means to get optimum article uniqueness and quality, rewrite each sentence 3 times and use 3 different major words for each sentence.

With AMA you can rewrite each sentence up to 10 times but time may not permit you to do that and you can achieve a good level of uniqueness with just 3 rewrites.
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Thanks Jason,

Ok, using the 3x3 rule, then how many times should we tell AMA to submit the article?
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unlimited. allow them to distribute it to all the relevant blogs. they each get a unique article so duplicate content wont be an issue. also, use the spun versions to submit to article directories, hubpages, xanga, blogger, squidoo, and other social sites. I even occasionally will post one on my facebook page. my friends there actually like to see a good article.
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3x3 rule works the best with AMA and other blog networks. Spinning on the sentence level will give you the best results and highest syndication rates too.

One thing to note while using AMA and other such networks is this..
You need to do some variations of your main keyword...

say you're writing an article about dog training and you want to have "dog training" as the anchor text, this is how i'd do it...
this article will explain how to go about {dog training|dog training|dog training|dog training|training a dog}

this way, you'll have varying anchor texts pointing to your page but the majority will still be the KW you;re trying to rank for. This is more natural and give better results and also prevents the sandbox.

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I just spun an article by rewriting each sentence 3 to 5 times. I submitted it to Hub Pages, and it was denied for being duplicate content.

To be honest, I don't really think all this article spinning really does much good. If a site is going to syndicate duplicate, like Ezine does, then they are going to take unspun articles. If they don't take duplicate content, they aren't going to take a spun article either, unless you spin it at the word level and the sentence level--maybe.

I had another post up but didn't get a concrete answer. I'd like to know what percentage an article needs to spun to in order to be considered "original" by Google.

Anybody know?
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I have read comments of others using article spinners that state they could spin an article in a half hour or less. I have been trying to accomplish that for over four years now. The closest I have ever come to that was two and a half hours to spin a 600 word article. I believe I might over spin my articles. However, I find that the spun articles I have given to AMA & UAW have an acceptance rate in excess of 96% after a year of distribution.

I have had no problems getting Ezine Articles to accept spun material. I start with three articles on the same subject. Usually I will write one of the three articles. I then farm out the writing of the other two articles. I have found that my writing all three of the original articles causes the three to be too similar. The best of the three articles is published on the website. The other two articles are spun with one set going to AMA and the other set going to UAW.

It is very likely I am have too many tendencies toward perfectionism. Most of the articles I spin will take a half a day to complete. This period is the total time I devote to the task. Often people will enter my office periodically disrupting my writing activity. Yet, four to six hours is the time period I provide myself to spin an article. So I usually spend two separate days spinning the two non-website published articles for AMA & UAW.

I have found I can hire VA's to write original articles however the quality of the spun articles I have received from the VA's i have employed has been very poor. I use Rapid Rewriter when I spin articles utilizing every facet of the program. I set up the articles so that the sentence count as well as the paragraph count varies from one article to another.

I literally cannot tell the difference by reading the spun articles from the original versions. I have tested this with students of the private school I work at by presenting students with multiple copies asking them to determine which article were computer generated versus my personal writing. No one has been able to distinguish the spun articles from the original.

Though my production is slower than most. I believe I can maintain a high quality by following this procedure pattern. I have not found any problem with spinning articles. Comparing the spun articles to the original I strive for 80% differentiation. Comparing the spun articles to one another I usually produce a result of 50%.

I believe Mark Ling has stated that the percentage differentiation that is best to strive for is 50%. However, I cannot find anywhere where Google has made a definite statement as to the minimum variation required for the article to avoid being labeled duplicate content.

Margene Smith
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