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Watch Webinars Now Or After I Finish Affiloblueprint?

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Watch Webinars Now Or After I Finish Affiloblueprint?

Every time I check my email, Mark has sent a new webinar to watch. Should I wait until I finish my affiloblueprint lessons before I watch them? I love them but my mind just flies off in all directions. I think I get that , what you call it, mind overload. Loved the one on how to get free traffic. Just can't wait to get smart enough to try it. It talks about how google ranks sites on topic and not keyword.A page written correctly can rank 30-50 targeted keywords. Anyway, I think I need to concentrate on just affiloblueprint for the time being. As it has been said, do one thing at a time and learn it well. Well, I think i will quit babbling and go have a vodka and tonic.
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Yeah, it is best to focus on the basics like AffiloBlueprint before you go out and learn more advanced things.

Remember: "I don't fear the 10,000 punches you've practiced once, I fear the one punch you've practiced 10,000 times." - Some martial arts guy...
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Hi Mary,

I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion caused. We often host webinars not just to share new knowledge or methods to help you further your knowledge in various aspects of affiliate marketing, but to inform you of new products than can help you succeed.

Some members don't mind these, and welcome the new information, but some, particularly those starting out can get distracted and confused. If you are part of the latter, I suggest you refrain from going over the webinars and focus on Affiloblueprint from now. You can save the emails Mark sends, and once you're done with Affiloblueprint and ready for new information, you can check the previous webinars. Please note that we do not have webinar replays for all the webinars we host though.

I appreciate your patience and hope that helps. Have a good day!
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