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Updated Members Area

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Updated Members Area

Hi everyone,

As promised, the members area has had a re-jig. Instead of having the "original" Affilorama lessons with a whole bunch of additional lessons and interviews tacked on, we've tried to organize it all into categories that make it a bit easier / more logical to find things. So if you're looking for SEO ... all the SEO videos are together, if you're wondering stuff about PPC... it's pretty easy to find all the PPC videos now.

We've also grouped all the "guru" vids together so you can more easily judge who is the better looking :)

Some mess is possible at this stage - apologies if anything is broken! If you do find something that doesn't quite make sense (or doesn't exist anymore) please let me know here. I've got a crack team of mess-fixers on the job to clean up these things.

Also if you have any other feedback/suggestions for how we might make the members area more member-friendly, here's the place for those too.

Thanks guys, I appreciate your patience!
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Well excellent Mark. Looks good! Thanx Davin
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Looking nice Mark. Haven't seen any broken links yet either, so good work :)
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Good job Mark.

I like it. It's cool that you have added all the website reviews.
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