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Trying to contact support

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Trying to contact support

I am not a new member but I have been trying to get tech support for weeks now BUT you can not just ask a question in support - no thats to easy - you have to load them a file otherwise you cannot get help from this company. I really dont know why came back to this company and brought this product.

Afiotheme would go into wordpress localhosting. the data to big tried to send it through in small part but no joy. Maybe Mark you reply to this because I can not contact you anyother way

on affilotheme II had brought. It seem to big to load into local wordpress localhosting
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I have been getting response from tech support. You just need to be patient. What do you mean by having to load a file?
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Tom, I don't have access to your entire correspondence with support, but here's a video showing you how to do it.

(Let me know if you can't view that video for some reason.)

In short: You need to get the files onto your hosting some other way. There are two ways to do it: Through cPanel, or via FTP. The video shows you how to do it.

Let me know if there is a particular part of this process that you're having difficulty with.
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Hi Tom,

BUT you can not just ask a question in support - no thats to easy - you have to load them a file otherwise you cannot get help from this company.

Are you referring to our contact page? You can now upload a screenshot when you send us an email, but this is completely optional. You should be able to send us an email without a screenshot or file.

Please clear your browser's cache and try again.

If the issue persists, please let us know.

All the best!
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I also cannot submit a "Contact Us" message without attatching a screenshot. Have cleared cache, etc.
I have NO idea where my computer sends the screenshot to. Have spent 2 Hrs now trying to cancel the automatic re-bill for Affilorama Premium Membership that I did not want.

"Oops. There was a problem with your submission."
"Errors have been highlighted below."
"Please supply a valid image."
Over and Over.

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If you are having trouble contacting support, please email support[at] directly.

That will go straight to our support team.

Have a nice weekend :)
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