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Scam Alert - Important Notice!

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Scam Alert - Important Notice!

A scam that exploits the popularity of our Affiloblueprint course has been uncovered. In the said scam, Affiloblueprint is being offered for $40 by

Affilorama has no connection whatsoever with and Affiloblueprint can be purchased only from Affilorama. They will not give you access to AffiloBlueprint, it is a foreign scam designed to get your money.

An initial investigation reveals that submitting a request at the site triggers a series of emails, as follows:


Email 1:


Since the original price is 197 USD,
we can provide You full working version for only 40 USD

If You are interested, please reply to this message.
Thank You!


Email 2:

Please confirm what payment method do you prefer.

Now we can accept following payment methods:
- PayPal or Credit Card
- Liberty Reserve or Webmoney
- Western Union or MoneyGram (for payments over $800)

Please write us what payment method can you use.


Email 3:


Yes, please, here is a payment instruction.
Your items will be delivered in 1-2 business days after payment.

PayPal / Credit Card Payment
Since, we can not accept PayPal directly,
we offer you to make a payment using one of third-party
exchangers, which will accept your PayPal or Card and send us E-GOLD.

We recommend you to use this fastest one:

Just enter amount you need to pay us, and money will be exchanged to our E-GOLD.
Do not add exchange fee to your payment, we take all fees to ourselves.

After that you will be able to pay via PayPal or Credit Card.
Please be sure to enter correct address and phone (this can be
important to secure merchant).

After you did it please drop us a message with receipt number
to speed-up the process.

Your items will be delivered in 1-2 business days after payment.
Thank you.


Following payment, they will not give you access to AffiloBlueprint, it is a foreign scam designed to get your money and run.

The investigation is still ongoing. We will update you on developments.
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wow i hope you catch nd stop who ever is doing it
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That's pretty dodgy, hope they hear from Affiloramas lawyers soon

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The site claims to be run and owned by a couple of Israeli hackers (their English is not so flash) but the whois shows the domain name registered to an address in Hong Kong - all a bit suspect. I hate to think how many people have paid money to these guys and never heard from them again ...
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i got scammed
before 3 days i ordered a software with 50 bux they answered me to do the payment
i did the payment then they said ur item will be delivered in 1-2 business days..
now im in the 3rd day and nothing..

and yea its total scam...
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