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Premium Membership VS Affiloblueprint

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Premium Membership VS Affiloblueprint

Hello guys
I really want to join affilorama,
i'm still a newbie about IM
should i take blueprint or premium?
thank you for your response
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I would go with affiloblueprint.

Premium is nice, but I think affiloblueprint will tie everything together in a simple step-by-step mannor that you might not get in premium.
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Hi adha.alvin5,

I suggest you purchase Affiloblueprint. It is a step by step course that shows you how to build an affiliate marketing site. The course is arranged chronologically so there's less confusion of what lesson to take next. A 30-day trial to Premium membership is included when you purchase Affiloblueprint, so you can try both products at the same time.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Just like what Cecille and Clayton suggests, try Affiloblueprint first. This course will provide you with enough information and training to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing.

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I personally think that Affiloblueprint is the best way to get started. It’s easy to follow and in the process you learn all the basics of affiliate marketing, which provides an excellent groundwork if you decide to then go off into other tangents later on.
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