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Oh - where to start...;-)

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Oh - where to start...;-)

Hi All - brand new to the site (only first heard of affiliates 2 weeks ago - so i mean NEW)....I've gone through the basic lesson info and was going to do some research on clickbank.....Just looking for advice on registering; do you use your real name/ business name - something made up? for the registration nickname ( it indicates it is permanent but what people will "see" when communicating with you - but different from the billing info - that CAN be changed)....also I'm in Canada - any suggestions for knowing which programs are /are not or worse are not legal in Canada? Thanks!
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I just use my normal personal details in Clickbank. Nobody sees it, except Clickbank.

Your nickname / ID can appear in someone's address bar when they click on your affiliate link, so make it something reasonably anonymous.

For most affiliate programs, it doesn't matter a whole lot where you're physically located. Some affiliate programs have restrictions on certain countries that have a high incidence of fraud, but Canada won't be one of those. Also Amazon won't accept affiliates in certain US states, but again... Canada isn't one of those :)

I don't imagine that affiliate marketing would be illegal anywhere. I reckon you're just fine. And you're definitely fine with Clickbank products.

Affilorama is based in New Zealand, so we do pretty well despite not being in the US :)
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Welcome to the forum!

I'd recommend using a business name so that you can begin building your brand recognition straight away. That will be important as you build your clientele & keep them coming back...since you want to be somewhat anonymous online, but you certainly do not want your brand/site to be anonymous!

Also, I don't think you should have a hard time finding affiliate programs that you CAN use in Canada...sometimes it's challenging to find products or services that you WANT to have listed on your site & you may have to do a bit of searching at first to find good ones.
Good luck!
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