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Hi all. I am just starting online and just purchased affiloramajetpack. I have never done this before and I wanted to learn how to make income using internet. In this progam, I am not sure where to actually start. Can someone help me by showing me the very basic step. What is the starting point. There are too many videos and feel lost.
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Hi. I hope someone can help you figure this out... for 997 I would think this flagship program would be easy to follow but I guess not...Maybe I should hold off from purchasing this program, like you I am a newbie.. The pitch for the "jetpack" make it sound so easy and simple.. I guess thats great marketing..

Best of luck...
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Hi guys,

We really recommend that you start by quickly browsing through AffiloBlueprint -- which you got for free. There are a LOT of steps that you don't need to do because AJP has done them all for you, but AffiloBlueprint shows you all the steps that you would normally have to take *from scratch* to build a site, and it's the same kind of website that AffiloJetpack builds.

You don't need to watch all the videos: Just spend an hour or two reading the PDF notes that accompany each lesson.

Your primary focus is to figure out which method of getting visitors to your site you are going to use.

* Do you want to attract free traffic through the search engines? (A slower process)
* Or do you want to pay for traffic? (faster, but riskier)

Which one of these you choose determines what you need to do next with your website. Whether you need to create content for your site, or just build a few targeted squeeze pages.

If you have questions about what to do next in AffiloJetpack, I'd recommend that you visit the AffiloJetpack members forum rather than this general forum. We have extra resources dedicated to the AJP members forum at the moment and you'll probably get a faster response. You'll also see alllllllll the other members who might have asked similar questions :)
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