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Need Quick Action Plan Summary

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Need Quick Action Plan Summary


I know there's a lot of great content in affilorama, and I've learned a lot of things here too. However, I don't have a systematic approach to build affilorama type of affiliate website fast enough and promote them consistently and have been distracted with too many things. Is there a quick summary of the tasks and the to do list so I can check whenever I build (and promote) an affiliate site?

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1 - set site up
2 - put review articles up
3 - promote those reviews with a set of articles via directories, social bookmarking etc
4 - put 5 more articles on site
5 - promote those articles
6 - 5 more articles
7 - promotion
etc until you get to 20+ articles on site

THEN - pick one keyword that you really want to rank for and haven't already and promote that related page until you have ranked for it.

Rinse and repeat for the next keyword.
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Hi Erwin,

The new version of the Affilorama website comes with a progress tracker which lets you see the lessons you've completed and how many you still have to go through. This feature is available in our free lessons, affilijetpack and affiloblueprint. You can go through the lessons in this order:

Introduction to affiliate marketing
Market Research
Content Creation
Site Building lessons
site engine optimization
Pay Per Click
Marketing Ideas

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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