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March update

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March update

Hi everyone!

Sorry about the delay on this update, but it's now available in the main members' area. (If it's not try waiting ten minutes... it's almost finished uploading as I write...)

This one's got a really big focus on Authority sites. A lot of people were talking about these at the World Internet Summit and I think it's something that would be really good to jump on once you've got a bit of experience behind you with normal affiliate sites. We've got a couple of interviews in this update showing you backend tools for running authority sites, which will please all you guys who have been asking about Joomla.

For a good general overview of what authority sites are, and how you can become an authority site, check out the interviews with Marc Lindsay and Peter Lenkefi. If you're feeling a little intimidated, check out the lessons with Sean Gravener to see how easy it can actually be.

And then (finally) there is a really big lesson on link buying. It's so huge (about an hour long) that we had to split it into three videos. I hope that answers most of the questions that you've all been asking -- let me know if you want me to record more videos or go into greater depth on any topic.

I've got one of my web geeks to write a lesson on some web design basics, since we often see these things come up in forum posts and site critiques. If you're a bit of a newbie, make sure you read this section. If it's all obvious to you, then congrats -- you're not a newbie anymore :)

There's also a PHP date script tutorial for those of you who were asking.

As always, let me know if you experience any problems with the videos or PDF!

All the best, guys, and enjoy!
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Cheers Mark, I've been looking forward to the link buying one.
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The updates are awesome Mark. Well done.
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