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Little SOS for this little newbie..(along with introduction)

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Little SOS for this little newbie..(along with introduction)

Howdy! I have just joined the Affilorama Premium membership. Well, I'm a pretty green newbie myself, so can anybody suggest how should I really get started? I came to know about IM at around 2 years ago, and made my virgin sale (quite lucrative as I got $250 for commission) around that time too. I used PPC to make my first sale after absorbed some pretty basic but useful golden nuggets from Mr. X mini report. But things didn't go that well for me, I started to get attracted to a lot of other high-ticket products from many of the world-renowned marketers and practically spent tens of thousands of dollars. This particular incident left me suffer from what Mark called "information paralysis" and butt-kicking financial loss! Just by judging from this you can pretty much tell that I don't have a firm mindset :-P.

Ok now, long story short, even though I'm not a complete newbie, but the information stuffed in my head is like fragments. For that reason, I would really like to get started on the right track from the very beginning again. I wanted to master the PPC system, but from what I've just read from another post in this forum, I realize that I need to have at least a $1,000 budget for it. What do you guys suggest me to go with in my affiliate marketing career path? I would like to avoid stuffs that require high budget and writing skills for the moment, as you can see from my story that I don't have much money left, and my writing that seems to have a lot of errors. I don't have the AffiloBlueprint(which I regret that I didn't buy after reading many posts) but I plan to grab it later along with some other goodies in Affilorama VIP Package and Live Traffic Strategies Workshop, right after I have earned some money. I will be deeply grateful for your guys' answers and very much appreciate it.

A little bit more info about me, I come from the same country as Mark's father, the multiracial and harmony Malaysia. I guess that pretty much let you figure out the reason my English is pretty awful, and I'm just a 16-year-old teen :-).

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Hey man, maybe you should try to learn SEO some more as this will not break the bank like PPC....

PPC is so easy that there is also so many idiots willing to gamble and that is who we have to compete with......
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Everybody wants to start at the top.
PPC will make you bankrupt in no time at all, if you don't know it well.
Learn to do SEO realy well, this is the secret, then get Perry Marshalls course on PPC, you my well stand a chance then to make some money.

This is not a quick rich method, you have to learn the basics and that takes time. I wish you luck, be patient and learn your craft well and you will succeed.

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Interesting thread, this is! Posters so far are all new members, posting on the forum for the first time! Welcome to all of you!
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HI everyone and welcome to Affilorama. This is the best place to learn affiliate marketing.

@ Jecwin9657 unfortunately you need to either be able to write or spend some money on outsourcing. if you cannot do either you will have a tough time of it. now you don't need thousands of dollars. about 300 USD will get you around 30 well written articles for your site from elance.

You definitely need to work on your mindset and stop looking at every new method that comes out. Learn from everything you can here. Focus and take things one step at a time.

If you are tight on money, one thing that I did before my sites started making money was to do some freelancing. You can learn the skills you need at the same time.
There are many things marketers are willing to pay someone to do. Social bookmarking, link building, graphics, and many others.

Now I am not great at any of those things, but I have done them all for other people to make a little extra money.
there are several ways you can set this up. The best way is probably to go to elance and sign up. Start bidding on jobs there.

The less safe way, that I got burned with a couple of times, but worked over all is to put up a simple page on your website, if you don't have your own site, do it on a blogger blog, stating what you are willing and able to do, and how much you would charge. Put an email address or contact form on the page.

Then link to that page in your signature file in the forums and on your profile at different social bookmarking sites.

I do this myself when my sites slow down, or I need a little extra.
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Your Focus Determines Your Reality
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I was doing PPC for a while but now looking at SEO.

The problem with PPC is when something works, as far as conversion to adspend, eventually 100s of other will find your niche and the cost per click will quikly reach to break even point.

PPC will wear u out too watching all your campains tracking and tweeking all the time.

SEO, to me, seems more like learning a trade and less like gambling. Learn and study and eventually we will have skills to run a lucrative buisness.

I have spent 1000s myself, but I have a really good feeling about learning SEO from Mark. I think it wil lt work out for all of us that work hard.

I too plan to move on to Affioblueprint but think the Bloging bootcamp will keep me buisy for a while.

Good luck to us!
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J.C. Dean
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Thanks guys for your invaluable guidance and advices. Now I'm sure I've quit my throw my bad mindset thousands mile away :-).
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