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Is this the Blueprint Forum

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Is this the Blueprint Forum

Is this the Blueprint forum where we can ask and get help with the Affiloblueprint.
if it is then is it open to ALL to see.

If this is in the general market then as we ask questions wont all others see and follow along..

Or maybe there is another area that we as paid members of this course go to and get personalized help from Mark or his staff.
I ask as I noticed a lot of questions so far are being answered by other members. How do we know as a paid member that we are getting the right answers.

And how do we ask a question and then wait up to 24hours for a response...

I ask as I dont see anywhere else that Paid members can go to get answers or support.

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Hi there,

We're setting up a private forum for AffiloBlueprint members. We'll hopefully have that up and running in the next week or so.
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The AffiloBlueprint Members Only Forum is now up and running. This forum is for you to discuss any ideas and ask questions relating to the AffiloBlueprint. Here is the link:

See you there!
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