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Is Affilotheme responsive?

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Is Affilotheme responsive?

I have just purchased, and can't download yet due to some glitch in their end, but now I just heard it is not FULLY responsive, that only has an added feature that makes it fit very unfavorably on only some cell devices. Can someone tell me have they updated this software to make AFFILOTHEME FULLY RESPONSIVE???
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Yes Affilotheme is already responsive/mobile-friendly. You may read this forum thread here for more details: website-building/is-affilotheme-responsive-now-t28034.html

As for the glitch that you are referring to, may I know what error you are getting from your end please? I just tried downloading Affilotheme and it worked fine.
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Fantastic news! I really waited for responsive design, because as you know google suspend not-friendly sites in search-result list.
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Quick update on this question : Affilotheme is not responsive. It is mobile-friendly but is yet to be made responsive.

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