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How to contact performing affiliates

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How to contact performing affiliates

Hey friends!!! this is new member Caroline Anderson, Affiliate marketing manager at, We are offering 8% commission per sale. Please suggest me some ideas on getting performing affiliates to join our program. Thanking you in advance for your help!
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Rather than simply looking for affiliates, you need to look for affiliates within your niche that are already promoting similar products. If they are promoting the same products that you sell, then offer them better terms, higher commissions, coupons for their followers, etc.
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It also doesn't hurt to make friends with others rather than approaching them with a direct pitch.
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Hi Caroline,

Welcome to Affilorama!

You can find a lot of affiliates here who can help you promote your product. It's not all about pitching your program/product. As with all forums, this is about being a part of a community and helping out your fellow members.

Hope to see more of you here in the forums.

Have a good day! All the best!
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I think esolutions hit the nail right on top of the head. Your commissions; 8% is way too low, but this depends on what product you are selling. It has to be one that is moving with speed then the volume would attract affiliates, not the 8%. You could try something with your clients as they buy from you. Make offers. All the best.
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It is very good to have performing affiliates in your downline. Of course to keep them continue the good work is a challenging work. Contacting them through their email addresses is not a bad idea though, but you should not spam in the process.
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