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How Soon Can I Earn $1000 From My Affiloblueprint Site?

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How Soon Can I Earn $1000 From My Affiloblueprint Site?


I just signed up for Affiloblueprint and am very excited to see what I will learn out of it. I know there are no get rich quick schemes and its going to be an uphill journey from now on, but I really wanted to ask the community if there is a way I can accelerate my earning leveraging what I already have:
- Personally experienced with Wordpress and web design
- Have a team with copywriter, VAs, graphic designer who work part time for me on my main site (50k visits per month - its a wordpress related website in Italian language)
- able to invest max $1000 in ads over the next 30-60 days

Besides studying all the material, and given those 3 assets I said above, is there a way I can be looking at potentially profiting $1000-$4000 a month over the next 2 months?

I know its a long shot asking such a question, but I really hope that 3 years of working online can help me get where I want to be more quickly than a true beginner.

Thank you and have a great day :)))

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HI Andy,

Welcome to Affilorama and the Affiloblueprint members forums!

I'm sorry I can't give you a guarantee that by the end of 2months you will earn $1000. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your input, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions.

However, given that you already have experience with Wordpress and a staff working for you, then it will be easy enough for you to put a site up. I suggest you start going through the first Affiloblueprint videos so you can get started with picking a niche and products.

Please let us know how you get on. All the best!
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Hey Andy,

Those resources give you a pretty good head start. Like Cecille says, we can't give you a guarantee, but if I were you, I'd focus on getting your site converting as well as possible for paid traffic.

AffiloBlueprint has a strong focus on SEO in the first half of the course. While you want to make sure all your ducks are in a row as far as your on-page optimization goes, it can take longer than 2 months to get good rankings, so don't rely on this for your traffic.

Instead you should focus on sending paid traffic either to a newsletter squeeze page (best bet) or to highly targeted landing pages designed to make people think that the obvious solution to their problem is the affiliate product you're promoting.

The safest thing to do is to create a newsletter sequence that builds your relationship with subscribers, gets them trusting you, and promotes a lot of affiliate products inside it. This is the most effective way of getting the maximum revenue out of visitors to your website. AffiloBlueprint covers this in step 8.

If you really want to speed up this process, I'd recommend you get AffiloJetpack, which comes with a full newsletter sequence, article research and signup bribes for 5 websites. You can choose from 18 niches, and we've already done everything in terms of finding the products you should promote and building them into the newsletter and the ebooks.

Then just give all that content to your writer and designer and get them to polish it up (shouldn't take very long), and you could have five websites up and running in very short order. And from there it's just a matter of driving traffic to it.

The good thing about the newsletter approach is that it's not just a one-shot thing, like it would be if you were just sending paid traffic to an affiliate product promotion. It's not just "they buy it or they don't". You get multiple chances to promote to people when they're on your list, AND people are much more likely to sign up for your newsletter than they are to buy something directly from your landing page promotion.

I think this is definitely your best bet, whether or not you use AffiloJetpack. You could get your copywriter to put the content together for you, but I think that it'll end up costing you more, both in dollars and in time. With AffiloJetpack it's just, bam. Done. Start promoting.
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