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How Much More Do I Need To Spend?

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How Much More Do I Need To Spend?

Is there anybody out there who was COMPLETELY new to affiliate marketing like I am. That purchased AffiloBlueprint, did not spend anymore money and has started to see some results? Even if you are new and spent money, how much more do I need to expect to spend?
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Hi EJ,

Affiloblueprint comes with free 1 year hosting through Affilotheme Hosting so you only need to register a domain. This is the only thing you would need to spend on. However, if you are going to set up a newsletter series later on, then you need to get an autoresponder service.

If you wish to outsource either the writing or link building, then you would be spending on those as well. We recommend you do these tasks on your own not only to save on costs, but to sharpen or discover your skills as well.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Hey Ej,

If you use Affilorama's free hosting like Cecille says, you could get away with building an AffiloBlueprint site with your domain name ($10/year) as your only expense. Absolute bare bones. It can totally be done.

When I built my first affiliate site, the only expense was my hosting (it was before Affilorama free hosting came around), domain name, and I bought an image from iStockPhoto for my header -- I think that was around $5.

But you can often save a lot of time and get a better result by spending a little bit of money here and there. Like you could spend $30 on a fancy designed header/logo for your site that will give you instant credibility. Sure you could hack something out yourself in MS Paint, but a professional image is a good investment.

Where a lot of AB students often spend money is getting articles and other content written for their site, because they might not be good with words, or they might not know their topic well enough to write about. That tends to be the biggest expense (ignoring the newsletter series for now).

In AffiloBlueprint we show you smart places you can spend money. But like I said -- you can get most of the way without many extra expenses, if you've got the time and tenacity to do so. We're pretty conscious of the fact that a lot of our students don't have big wads of cash to throw around, so it's been designed that way.
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If I were going to start from scratch today, all I would spend money on would be hosting and a newsletter.

Then you can start getting traffic from free sources like YouTube or social media or guest blogging.

Once you get a few sales under your belt and figure out what works, I would start buying ads and getting more people on my email list. Start small with ads though, so that you don't make big mistakes with spending money.

Figure out what works on a small level cheaply or for free and then scale up by investing more in what works.

Hope this helps.
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I bought the course, spent no other money and have a site making money. I completed exactly 54% of the course and that one site makes $300 a month.
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