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How many products should I be reviewing?

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How many products should I be reviewing?

hello, im new to affiliate marketing. i just wanted to know when your putting together a site similar to the one on affioblueprint, which is great by the way, im on week 6, how many products should be on your site per niche? if there is, say for instance a specific strategy guide, and an all-in-one strategy guide, should i promote one that is specific or just the one that covers all? how many products should i promote if there is no all-in-one product? im lost! i need help!!!
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If you're reviewing products then you'll obviously need more than one but you don't want too many that it confuses your visitors or gives them too much choice.

Check out my WOW blackbook site for some ideas on product reviews.

Also I'd recommend you review the ideas in lesson 3 on Week 5 on writing reviews that sell.

All the best

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It would be great if you would have a number of products on your niche. I would choose to promote the product that is more specific than the general one. Of course, assuming that it has high Clickbank gravity and commission rates.
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